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Bleeding For Your World

Follow the path less traveled...
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This is a community made for people who like to write.
You may write stories, poems, lyrics, anything that expresses art and imagination. Please, enlighten us to your new world.

Rules are simple:

1. Be courteous to other members of the community.
2. Don't post anything rude, explicit, and/or vulger.
3. Make sure your opinions and comments on certain writings made by other members aren't rude and/or offensive in any way. Please take into consideration that one is capable of being honest and truthful without causing anger and conflicts within the community. In other words: "Play nice!"

If you wish, you may fill out this simple questionare and post it in the community.

1. What is your name?
2. When or where did you hear from this community?
3. What would you like to do in this community?
4. What inspires you to write or do anything?
5. What types of things do you like to write about?